Yucaipa Youth Basketball season opens

Yucaipa Youth Basketball includes both boys and girls.

Jan. 5 marked the start of the season for Yucaipa Youth Basketball. All of the kids enrolled in YYB came ready to play and eager for the start of their first game according to Publicity Chair Daniele McClure. For some, this is their first ever time playing any sport; and for others this may be their eighth year playing in a row. But for all of the kids involved in YYB, the first game is usually the most anticipated, after the last month of practice just waiting for a taste of the action. And this eagerness to play, to have friendly competition with other kids and to enjoy themselves while getting some wholesome exercise is exactly what YYB aims to do every single year.

YYB is one of the longest running recreational programs in the city of Yucaipa. Many residents of Yucaipa have played, coached, or refereed in YYB at some time in their life, and some residents of the surrounding cities like Mentone, Redlands, Calimesa, Oak Glen, and even Beaumont have participated in YYB too. YYB would not be where it is today without the consistent support and dedication of all of the volunteers who give their time to keeping this program running; the board of directors work all year to make sure that the season runs smoothly, and the coaches who help the kids learn the basic fundamentals of basketball.

YYB also owes its support to the local businesses and agencies that sponsor the teams each year to help provide light for the kids to practice by, gyms for the kids to play games in, jerseys for the kids to wear, and referees to help the kids stay safe and play fair. And of course, without the families who return to sign their kids up every year, or even a year or two, with multiple kids or just one, YYB would not be anything without the children and their families.


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