Yucaipa Valley National Little League holds Opening Ceremonies

Yucaipa Valley National Little League players are excited for the Home Run Derby.

Yucaipa Valley National Little League held its opening ceremony March 7. Teams lined up left to right from T-ball to Farm to Minors to 50/70 to junior/senior.

New league president, Matt Hill, opened with an introduction of all new board members then the national anthem. There was three players from the Farm Division stated the Little League pledge. Hill introduced each team starting with the junior-senior team. Once reaching T-ball, each T-ball team was introduced individually allowing that team to run the bases before announcing the next team. When done, Dylan Baptista threw the season’s first pitch.

The raffle offered four great basket prizes; mom situation, “Take me out to the Ball Game,” and batter up basket. The 66ers Minor League donated a basket for raffle also, which included various souvenirs from the team.

The “give and take” was a donation event. The community donated unused but usable items for less fortunate players.

The home run derby started at 11 a.m. Close to 40 players signed up from YVNLL to participate. Next year it will be open to all surrounding leagues.

YVNLL ended the first round with three players hitting home runs. They were each allowed 10 outs. Anything over 170 feet was considered a home run. First scoring was Noah Hernandez, then Jacob Torok, and Lucas Hernandez. Round 2 ended with Noah hitting the farthest home run at 240 feet and Jacob hitting the most runs, at five, before reaching his 10 outs.

Games began the following day only allowing time for Sunday and Monday games. The rain caused the league to close the fields the next two days before receiving word it had to postpone the season until a minimum of April 6, due to coronavirus concerns.

YVNLL has a newly designed website, YVNLL.ORG, now updated regularly. It shows current scheduled games, events, news, and updates on the main page. For more information, there is also the Yucaipa Valley National Little League Facebook page.


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