A shiny new fire truck is all it took to hypnotize the city council of Calimesa who just approved 2.25 million square feet of high intensity industrial warehouse space on the West side of I-10 at Singleton Road and Cherry Valley Boulevard. Unbelievably, an environmental analysis from a 2005 Envir-onmental Impact Report (EIR) was used to approve this project.

One big problem, the 2005 EIR and Specific Plan for Oak Valley never addressed or identified the addition of almost 5 million square feet of Industrial space at Cherry Valley Boulevard and I-10. (2.54 million square feet on the East side and 2.25 million square feet on the west side of I-10). The developer merely did a copy and paste of the 2005 EIR. Throughout their 536 page report it simply stated, “No Substantial change in circumstances requiring major EIR revisions". So now, current and future residents who exit I-10 at Cherry Valley Boulevard. and Singleton Road will be dealing with hundreds of 18 wheeler trucks, every day. As a resident of this area, please please, educate yourself about this issue.

The Calimesa City Council just used an Environmental Impact Report from 2005 that never identified or addressed the addition of 5 million square feet of industrial warehouse space at these intersections, full stop. The 2005 EIR is not sufficient to address this impact. Don’t give up, it is not too late. The 2005 EIR and Specific Plan legislation mandated for a beautiful community with residential, commercial and freeway business park, not Tippecanoe Avenue, San Bernar-dino style Industrial development. This is not what the creators of this Specific Plan envisioned.

Bill Thomas



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