When I first moved to Yucaipa, it was a rural gem in the middle of suburbia. I was attracted to the beautiful rolling hills with ths cattle, the open spaces and snow-capped mountains. Now the city’s mantra is build, build, build--cram as many homes and buildings into every square inch the developers can find.

Now Yucaipa wants to keep up with the Joneses and build a giant warehouse or two. Someone was looking out for me the day I cancelled my new home contract in Calimea's new planned development off Cherry Valley Boulevard. I would have been staring right at those lovely warehouses they are building there. Thank you, but NO.

What neither Yucaipa nor Calimesa understands is that you don't plop those behemoth structures right next door to homes. Just look at Redlands and Fontana and even Moreno Valley. Their warehouses are nowhere near homes. I travel for business and see warehouses from the air. They are not at all in the middle of housing or apartment developments.

Plus, with all this building of new homes and apartments, not one person has explained where the water and power is going to come from. It's never mentioned. Please don't tell me to cut back my watering or turn off my ligtd to conserve power until this is figured out. I would love yo get someone's answer on this.

Yucaipa, it’s time to get a clue before the beauty of own city is lost forever.

Susan Hinz



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Unfortunately the idiots that sit on city councils are not the brightest of the community so they fall prey to developers who are interested in only in one thing, money. Warehouses bring nothing to any community but torn up roads, big rig traffic on freeways and local streets, potholes, noise, smog and unsightly building with no tax advantage and minimum wage jobs before they are eliminated by robots.

The inland empire has become americas warehouse capital thanks to the short sighted incompetence of city councils and city staff. Yucaipa’s roads are already in disrepair thanks to Avila, Duncan, et Al and an inept and ineffective overpaid last city staff.

Remember this when you vote. Your community needs new leaders, preferably smart ones who will tell the city staff what to do, not be rubber stamps.

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