In my neighborhood, right next door in fact, a proposed 200 unit apartment complex was “on the agenda” at the commissioners meeting. Interested parties were invited to speak and express their opinions and ideas.

The item from the commissioners was involved enough to occupy two meetings. Last night, “the decision was made.”

Interested parties REALLY spoke their mind and no one, except for the developers, was really “for it.”

The commissioners bat the subject around, making wise comments while also saying things silly things and things which I had no idea what they meant. Somehow the project got “voted down” which means they advise the “city council” of their findings and opinions. From that the city council can either accept the findings or do whatever suits them.

The first meeting got maybe 20-30 residents. Last night topped 100. Two policemen were called in “just in case.”

Increased traffic, lacking rural appeal, not suited to the surrounding neighborhood and being three stories in height seemed to be its downfall. We will ALL be back to encourage city council in their decision. To be fair, we want more homes and apartments that blend in, not three stories!

Randy Main



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Never underestimate the ability of the city council to ignore the community if it comes down to rubber stamping what the out of touch city staff wants. Yucaipa couldn’t do worse if you grabbed 5 people at random off the street and told them they would be the council. Fortunately for us several of these politicos are not running again so we have a small chance of replacing these tax raising, obtuse folks with someone who won’t fall under the spell of the staff.

What we probably need is a new city manager and a new city engineer if we ever want the city streets paved or common sense decisions made instead of more inappropriate apartments and 5 roundabouts on County Line.

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