Singleton Heights, JP Ranch, Rancho Calimesa and Sharon-dale Senior Mobile Home residents will be shocked to learn that the Calimesa City Council has approved a 1.5 million square foot warehouse to be built on the 81 acres of land and other property located right next to the Rancho Calimesa Senior Mobile Home Park and below Sharondale Senior Mobile Home Park. A warehouse was stopped about five years ago from being built on that land. There is also a childcare facility on the property. There are 375,000 vehicles on the 10 freeway daily. Hundreds of 18-wheeler trucks will be added to the 10 freeway 24/7.

The Calimesa City Council is not considering seniors and families since truck's spread particulates that can cause asthma and respiratory illnesses among seniors and children. There are 80 and 90 year old seniors who still drive due to no public transportation and when there was seniors in mobile parks were unable to use the bus since they cannot be on private property. The hills are too steep for seniors to walk to a bus station. John Ohanian and Shopoff are developers responsible for getting their warehouse(s) approved. This after the Calimesa City Council passed a limit of 250,000 square foot maximum for warehouses that was changed by the Calimesa City Council to accommodate developers. The mayor has said that Ohanian waited a long time to develop the land he owned. Purchasing land is a gamble. Calimesa residents do not owe him anything because he had to wait longer then expected to realize a profit on his investment. Shopoff was able to get his land rezoned from Rural Residential to Industrial where he now is building a 1.8 million square foot warehouse on Cherry Valley. He has bought Calimesa land on the north west side of the freeway now. Instead of the 3,500 homes that it was zoned for he wants to build more warehouses so most of that land will have to be rezoned.

There are two seats up for re-election on the Calimesa City Council that will be on the ballot Nov. 8. We need leaders that are more senior and family friendly city council members. Also the Riverside County Supervisors for the Calimesa district is a run off and will be voted on Nov. 8.

Marlene Davis



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Steve M

Why should we be surprised that the Calimesa City Council wants to build a mega warehouse next to the Rancho Calimesa and Sharondale senior communities?

The City Council supported the 1.8 million sq. ft. Gateway/San Gorgonio Crossing monster warehouse now being built less than a quarter mile from the Rancho Calimesa community. Perhaps one reason for that was the possibility that the county land Gateway is on will be annexed by the city, which will mean more tax revenue for Calimesa.

Another example of $$$ being more important than the health and safety of citizens.

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