I chose to write about this because, I think all too often some of us sometimes lose sight of what’s really important.

Yucaipa as a rural frontier America, I examine the truth that seems particularly poignant. The things we spend so much of our lives pursuing are often not things that truly bring us joy.

How easy it can be to value individual achievement, recognition and influence as goals in themselves, and how often those who reach them find them ultimately unsatisfying.

That is why this story seems to carry a spark of wisdom. How a part of a trend among young people to back to rural America and even life on the farm. At this point it’s unclear how big that trend will be. But there’s something in the mist that matters beyond numbers.

Another told me how he now runs a beef and agriculture business in rural Yucaipa. The best thing you can do for your community is find what you love to do. Start a business around it and hire people to some back, show other young people that you can do what you love in a rural community like Yucaipa.

The good news is that we give to our community in pennies. Our communities give back to us in dollars. Many things are needed to help rural America, Yucaipa. To thrive.

But something else is just as essential. Rural Yucaipa needs the knowledge, energy and fresh thinking, but also the love they have for their community, their town Yucaipa. Perhaps towns like theirs can be a new frontier in answering the question of what brings joy – supporting the realization that some investments pay back in much more than money.

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Clifford Gericke



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