We should remind the city council that our political system is a representative democracy. We elect council members to make policy decisions and enact laws on our behalf that benefit our safety, health, and welfare to people of any income level. The responsibility to legislate is the give and take of different interests and to search for a compromise that is acceptable to the majority of the citizens. The council must employ mechanisms to involve citizens and interest groups in the policy-making process.

It is clear that the city council maintains a cozy relationship with Yucaipa Disposal/Burrtec Waste. The council proceeded against citizen objections to add private contractor service fees to the county property tax billing. And, it remains in question the council provided full disclosure on the added costs to be billed in this manner.

A community incorporates to get improved representation for needed services. Citizens expect to take part and make more decisions about what happens in their community. Citizens also expect less and not more reliance on the county to receive the services.

Those who are not satisfied with the city council performance can seek to make change by voting a council member(s) out of office.

Tony Esparza



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