Measure E needs to pass. The shortfall in paramedic funding is near $725,000 and $275,000 for police, this year alone, and rising rapidly.

The alternatives are too unpleasant and unfavorable and would inevitably result in a cut to public safety (and you could call that a cut to your own, your family and friends' security and well being), or possibly you having to pay more through and individual tax bill.

Paraphrasing the number, the amount needed if it were on your tax bill would most likely be in excess of $100. Through Measure E, you would only pay a half-cent out of a dollar spent, and only when you go out to spend in Yucaipa (the city you live in). This would not apply to groceries or medication. The proposed measure would be shared and supported by everyone in our local society, including folks not living in our community, but who are visiting, shopping, dining, and spending in Yucaipa. Keep in mind that the people who currently visit our city and require paramedic or any emergency or public services, receive them at no cost to them, yet, the funding for these services are paid for by you, the local Yucaipa resident.

You would have to spend $10,000 shopping just to have your cost equal $50. You would only contribute when you choose to go out and spend. Consider that as opposed to having an added cost of over $100 on your annual tax bill or cuts to these critically important services.

Measure Y has raised the funding in the past and was only intended to cover the costs of these emergency services for 10 years. Established in 2004 (16 years now), there has never been an escalator or inflation factor to maintain the funding that would keep revenue up with inflation.

Look around, everywhere you go you are asked to donate. Look at the box at the register or the people at the table in front of the many stores you frequent, not to mention what you see on television. Measure E is most likely the only contribution you’ll make that will someday, ultimately be returned to you, your family and friends living in our local community. When you or your loved ones need these services, you’ll be glad the services were there and provided at the best level possible.

Don’t listen to the negative talk and chatter from social media and uninformed people, get the facts at (your best source) or or and click on Measure E.

You can also talk directly with City officials and ask questions by calling 797-2489 x223. Vote yes on Measure E this March 3.

Tony Slaick

YMRA Chairman


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