(In response to Mick Terry’s letter 11-13)

Since no one has ever seen God, most of us think that he is not.

Big government is our king, who will provide for everything.

That’s by illegal immigration – which is the backbone of this nation.

We believe in “One World Order” no nation should retain its border.

All western thought is suspended, Uniworld culture is what’s needed.

World history must be rewritten, what once called good must now be smitten.

Old moral standards are no good, we want those shown by Hollywood.

The word “sin: is out, do your own stuff is What’s about.

Men who don’t like what They’re born, should have free access to girls’ dorm?

Partake in our daughters’ sport and unisex of any sort.

The teacher’s union of this nation provides the world’s best education.

Such special interest groups have clout; they really help the voters out.

The welfare state must quickly grow (except police) and guns must go.

And boy will we make rich folk pay, cause that is socialisms’ way.

Young folks should not have to strive to make themselves a better life.

Why work hard, long, or smart and get up for an early start,

Or save hard for a rainy day, when what we take can be their pay?

Thanks smart voters, women, men, you’ve made this country good again.

Ron Von Heeringen



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