How about the word Redemption=Return. You see redemption buys us back the use of God’s original design of the Earth for our use? In other words, Adam and Eve and their children were extended the blessings of a Paradise to be their home; but they lost the original Paradise didn’t they!

Something beautiful happened in our world some 2000 years ago! Salvation came upon mankind in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, He caused mankind to be restored to his original calling, purpose and a guarantee that man’s original mandate to exercise dominion under God over the whole earth will be fulfilled!

Look at this; if God had not wanted us to be in charge with His Paradise why did He tell Noah to go forth and populate the earth. Thank you, Father God. God told Adam and Eve the same thing! (Genesis 1-28 and Genesis 9-1). “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth.” Why would God say that surely not to abolish the earth and all of mankind who have sinned! So, until the curse of Sin is permanently removed, people would be incapable to have stewardship of this earth! Mankind’s chief end is to glorify God so shouldn’t we say, “Thank you Lord for all you have given us!”

We should find joy in God and glorify Him, and do what He made us to do, that is to serve Him for He has sent His only Son for us to be resurrected as He was and this world of ours will also be resurrected. “Thank you again Lord.”

In Corinthians 15, 22; I found this “For as in Adam all will die, so in Christ all will live. Jesus is the first fruits and at the second coming all those that belong to Him will rise with Him and after a while He will hand over the keys to the Kingdom to God the father almighty. Once again, we can say “Thank you Lord.” Remember this when God rules, we will rule with Him and at last all will be as He intends.

Minister Bob Schofield



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