Yucaipa gives 100 percent reliable water source to Calimesa’s new development!

It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s about to. Recycled water from the Wochholz Sewer Treatment Plant belongs to the citizens of Yucaipa. (California Water Law sec. 1210).

Recycled water is a drought proof and reliable source of water. The Wochholz plant produces millions of gallons every day. Enough water to supply the annual needs to thousands of homes in Yucaipa.

Plans to give that water to Calimesa have already begun. Yucaipa Valley Water District is designing Calimesa Lakes. A recycled water lake and recharge facility located west of the 10 Freeway and next to Singleton Road.

Once completed the lake will be filled with the Recycled water from Wochholz Sewer Treatment Plant. Extraction Wells below the recharge ponds will withdraw the deposited water to serve in Calimesa.

The recycled water being diverted to Calimesa Lakes and recharge ponds belongs to the citizens of Yucaipa. All that water should be placed in recharge ponds in Yucaipa to help reduce the need to purchase water in the future.

We will have another drought someday. How will you survive the next drought? Will Yucaipa Valley Water District buy more water, or will we have credit in our own aquifer because we deposited the recycled water today and won’t need to purchase additional supply.

It’s your water Yucaipa. Are you keeping it, or giving it to Calimesa’s new development?

Lenny Stephenson

SGPWA Dir Div 5


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