When I see a tall, attractive, young, blond woman with her beautiful young daughter, neither wearing a mask or paying attention to social distancing while shopping in Aldi (Jan. 6)). I have to wonder why. I understand that the child does not have to wear a mask, though she appeared old enough to do so, but why was the woman not wearing a mask? Why did she show no regard for other’s safety as she scurried by us, reached over us and disregarded social distancing?

She appeared to be healthy, so I imagine she assumed that she was not carrying COVID 19, was not at risk of catching it, and thus did not have to follow the rules to protect anyone, but no one who goes out in public and is exposed to others should assume that. Many are contagious before they ever have any symptoms. Most are aware that the people who shop first thing in the morning are senior citizens, the very people who are most at risk of dying if we catch COVID-19, and yet there she was at 9 a.m. with no mask, no social distancing, possibly endangering all of us. Why would anyone put others at risk, especially the most vulnerable? I will pray for her and her daughter. I will also pray for my husband, myself, and all the other senior citizens, a few younger people, and the staff in the store who she may have put at risk. To this woman and to all, I ask that you please wear a mask in public, and please do not impatiently crowd into other’s space. if not for the protection of those around you, for your own protection and that of the ones you love. Many, for whatever reason, assume that they will not get COVID 19 - until they do - and share it with others - and some will die.

Kathy Thomas



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