Since the expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 2004, the AR-15, and similar types of modifiable civilian assault rifles, have been the unfortunate weapon of choice for madmen and terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

Tragic events such as the 2012 Aurora Movie Theater Shooting, the 2012 Sandy Hook Shooting, the 2015 San Bernardino Attack, the 2015 Umpqua College Shooting, the 2016 Orlando Nightclub Massacre, the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting and most recently the massacres in Gilroy, Dayton, and El Paso, all featured this weapon due to its efficient and brutal ability to kill on a massive scale.

This gun serves no other purpose than to inflict massive damage on its target and has enabled those looking to do harm to inflict that harm on a massive scale. It is for these reasons that I’m looking for local cooperation from local gun shops and dealers in and around Yucaipa and San Bernardino County to agree, in principle, to voluntarily stop selling these weapons of mass destruction.

It’s a small, but poignant, step to demonstrate that local businesses can stand up in the face of such tragedy and decide to do the right thing by themselves, without government intervention.

If just one shop can decide to put conscience ahead of profits by little petitions such as this one, then it’ll be a small but important victory for all residents of our local community.

Those interested may sign my petition at

Jeff Lojeski



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