In my Letter to the Editor on Sept. 20, I said Yucaipa residents owned the recycled water produced by the Wochholz Sewer Treatment Plant. I made reference to California Water Law section 1210 that was not accurate. I apologize to everyone who read that letter.

Under California Water Law sec 1210, the owner of a wastewater treatment plant (Yucaipa Valley Water District) shall hold the exclusive right to the treated wastewater. That is a proper and legal definition of the law. But the reason I used reference to that regulation is because Yucaipa and Calimesa residents own the Yucaipa Valley Water District - that owns the treatment plant and the recycled water it produces.

Yucaipa elects four board directors and Calimesa elects one. Those five elected officials are the Governing Body of the District. County Water District Law, Division 12, sec. 30575 of the State of California Water Code. By ordinance, resolution or motion, a majority vote (three out of five board members) can move all the recycled water we produce into Riverside County and the proposed Calimesa Lakes. Or by similar action the Board can vote to keep Yucaipa’s recycled water in San Bernardino county. When residents don’t approve the decisions their elected officials make, they have some options. One option is to call the elected official representing your division - there are four divisions in Yucaipa and one in Calimesa. Let them know how you feel about specific issues. A second option is to attend board meetings and voice your option there. And a third option, you can use your vote to elect a different board of directors. So, it’s still your water. You just need to make your voice heard. YVWD website has all the information on meetings and how to contact your elected official.

Lenny Stephenson



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