The Yucaipa Valley Water District is moving forward with their rate structure increases for drinking water, sewer, and recycled water service. Ironically, we as customers are constantly reminded to use less water in an effort to conserve the natural resource.

Now the water district is telling us that the higher cost of maintenance and declining revenue justifies higher customer rates. This means using less water will cost us even more in the future. They overlook that expansion and additions to their existing infrastructure is mostly paid by land developers and new construction projects. We don’t get told that operational improvement and expense reduction is being applied to help control their cost.

The bad taste of drinking water in Yucaipa also remains an issue for many years. It continues to have a foul and moldy taste. The water district hasn’t improved the quality nor kept the cost for water and sewer service competitive with neighboring districts.

Our only recourse is to complain and to convince the Water district board not to raise rates. If they are not responsive, we must elect new board members at the next election cycle.

Tony Esparza



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