Who is the perfect politician or representative? That would be whoever votes on everything the way you'd like. That just isn't going to happen with anyone, and whoever is in office will inevitably disappoint you from time to time.

My name is Tony Slaick, I’m the outgoing Chairman of the Yucaipa Mobilehome Residents’ Association (YMRA). I am not writing in the capacity of YMRA Chairman, although I mention this as someone that has been around enough (six years as YMRA Chairman) that has gotten to know and seen the work of our politicians.

We have some fine people on the Yucaipa City Council, and likely some fine people running. I can tell you that when election time is here, all the candidates and incumbents are present, front and center with their best foot forward. That's great, we all want an opportunity to get to know them, their values, beliefs and what their vision is for the future. Unfortunately, when some of these folks get into office, they quickly forget who you are and the issues that they expressed that were important to them, where you felt you had some common ground and support.

When things are not going perfectly, it's easy to imagine and anticipate change with a positive perception. The point is, be very careful about whom you vote for. Sometimes we feel that we need change. The grass might seem greener on the other side, however, weeds can easily infiltrate your lawn.

When contemplating how you'll vote, consider the incumbents, their track records and experience before you make a jump for change. Your politicians might not always vote favorably for what you feel to be the best choice, however, Dick Riddell, in my opinion, nails it more often than most. You can also rest assured that he will always have the interest of the community at large, and treat you with respect and dignity. If you were to contact him personally, you'd find that he will seriously look into your issues and concerns, seek solid solutions, and follow up with a phone call.

Dick Riddell is tried and true with decades of experience and a track record that is easy to verify. He has shown and proven that he has unwavering love for our city and the people in our community. His integrity and dedication is 2nd to none.

Vote/ re-elect Dick Riddell.

Tony Slaick



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