Friday, Oct. 5 had a sense of redemption to it. Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen pitched nine shut-out innings to lead the Dodgers over the Braves 3-0 in the second game of the NLDS, both guys locked in, erasing any doubts about performing in the clutch.

And Senator Susan Collins strapped the Republican Party on her back for 40-plus eloquent minutes to carry them up the mountain, a place from which they've been in freefall since 1964 when they ceased to be the Party of Lincoln. The gross inadequacy of the FBI's week-long supplemental investigation aside--and, believe me, I know that's a major caveat, especially given Judge Kavanaugh's partisan rant on Sept. 27, for me, disqualifying him to deliberate with equanimity on the Supreme bench--Ms. Collins used her love of the law and the Enlightenment-born principles upon which our nation was formed to make her case for a “yes” vote, including in her articulation respect and compassion for Professor Ford and solidarity with women demanding a reckoning. She anchored her reasoning on one concept, fair play, and I hope, in so doing, persuaded us all to “reach across the aisle,” prepared to speak our values while forging common paths toward “a more perfect union.” She proved herself, as can each of us, remarkable.

Dan Lunham



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