I wondered when our joined-at-the-hip-to-city-hall trash company would seek a raise in rates after their early Christmas present from the council. Yucaipa Disposal certainly didn’t wait long to attempt to add to the great payment deal they got that must be the envy of any private company.

As to their work force, Yucaipa Disposal should have laid off their accounts receivable person as they now have nothing to do at the office but drink coffee and look at funny YouTube cat videos. There’s the savings on the attorney who no longer needs to send out nasty collection letters. Then there’s the postage they will have saved as monthly mailed bills will be only a memory.

Yucaipa Disposal needs to add up their new projected collections haul and cost savings so that their customers and the city council can respond with clarity to their request for more money.

David Duran



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Does the city council do anything except favors for Yucaipa Disposal? They grant them annual fee increases, now they order all trash bills onto your property tax bill. Are the savings in collections going to be passed on to the rate payers? No. Meanwhile County Line Road is an absolute mess with potholes, rough pavement, giant cracks. The city will not do its job as far as street maintenance yet they have no problem enriching city contractors. Every member of the Council should be thrown out of office. Every single one of them,

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