I just read Bob Schofield's opinion on June 11, and I’d like to state my opinion.

Though Mr. Schofield thinks he is right in posting his opinion, I disagree. Not because I am a non denominational Christian, or a follower of any other religion, but to constantly write in to the Editor of the News Mirror his religious beliefs is beyond what the News Mirror should allow. I don’t feel that the Letters To The Editor should be used for any religious platform. All religions believe different things and have different interpretations.

I feel that Mr. Schofield is reading into Biblical scripture only what he thinks it says. Too legalistic. In Judaism there are over 800 laws and to break one law is to break all of them. In the same way Catholicism has different levels of sin and their rules to follow.

What annoys me is someone parroting another’s opinions and views instead of studying Biblical history, Hebrew, Greek and Arabic, from the very roots and foundations. Once they understand those aspects, then go on to study the times and customs of the eras the Bible was written in and the backgrounds of each book of the Bible including the Apostles and their individual backgrounds. To simply pull out a scripture in random and say, “Ah ha! This is what to do” is absurd.

Diane Elmore



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