The new golden calf of America is the AR-15 and other military automatic weapons of mass destruction which are valued above the lives of children in schools, worshipers in churches and synagogues, and friends gathering in bars and going to concerts. How confused people are who feign a love of freedom and liberty and insist upon war machines in the hands of non-police and non-military personnel, sold by the profiteers of the weapons industry, who line the pockets of hypocritical lawmakers too weak to oppose the status quo, thus participating in the madness and murder.

What is this GI Joe mentality? A compensation for masculine insecurity? Japan has around a dozen homicides per year involving guns, compared to how many tens of thousands in “the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

I grew up with guns in South Dakota, used solely for hunting, and can’t remember a single homicide by shooting, but people were responsible, not crazy, and we live in a crazy world today, a cuckoos nest, with access to machine guns for all. It is irrational. It is irresponsible, and the politicians are frankly too weak to address it, or bought off entirely, by the for-profit gun industry.

“Taste ye what your hands have wrought,” were the words of the 19th century Prophet Baha’u’llah, who warned humanity, its kings and rulers, of the impending chaos to come. It has come, and until we act with will and reason, will give us much more of what we are tasting of our mistaken freedom from worshiping the new golden calf.

Dale Ramsdell



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