Does anyone really realize what the Federal poverty level is or means? $1,260. It is established every ten years with the census. In California we have a higher living standard so the state legislature establishes maintenance fee to compensate. The last time was 17 years ago. If you need state assistance for co-payments, prescriptions or medical equipment then you must have an income no more than the FPL with the addition of the maintenance fee. For seniors age 65 or less the fee is $1,200. For those age 65 and older, the fee is $600.

I’m talking to Senator Mike Morrell’s Representative at his monthly visit June 18, at 9 a.m. to help them understand the need to change this maintenance fee to fit the high costs of rent and food prices. Seniors cannot live on nothing. The senator has been trying to do something to help with medical, but there is so many kinds and each needs to be address correctly. He needs our help.

I need everyone interested in fixing or changing medical to show up for the meeting with the senator’s representative to the new chamber of commerce office in the new Yucaipa Performing Arts Theater on June 18.

Please show there is a need for change and we are asking for help. Just come sign in and ask for help.

I’m a caregiver. I see the need everyday. Like so many people tell me, “only the legislature can change medical.” But, “We The People” need to tell them what to do. A show of many people will send a Big Message. I have heard Senator Morrell speak, he does want to help. He needs us to stand up for him to call the other state senators to work with him. We can do this because it is more than time to change things the right way.

Terry Manion



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