As my family has had more than its share of alcoholics I sympathize with Roz Casarez, “Supreme Court nomination and alcoholism” however I disagree concerning Judge Kavanaugh. If everyone who drank too much in high school or college was an alcoholic the vast majority of Americans would need to join AA.

Any type of sexual abuse is horrible and the guilty should be treated harshly, but railroading the innocent because victims in the past have not had their cases treated with the requisite seriousness is not the solution.

I have been through an FBI background check for a Top Secret clearance.

While nowhere near as thorough as those done on people working in the White House if there was an alcohol or sexual predation problem it would have come out and the Judge has been through six.

Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh were treated horribly and I was shocked by Senator Feinstein. Her sitting on Dr. Ford’s letter and then outing her after the hearing was closed was the cheapest of political ploys. However after the subsequent treatment Judge Kavanaugh received at the hands of the Democrats and media she looked well-mannered.

The only thing the Democrats and their activists were missing were the brown shirts of Hitler’s SA. Both use(d) intimidation, lies and brutality against all opponents to achieve what they want. Today if you are white or male or conservative or anything other than an Elizabeth Warren / Bernie Sanders leftist or a Cory Booker/Kamala Harris wannabe autocrat you are homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, misogynistic, irredeemably deplorable, smelly Wal-Mart shopper and any other smear they can think up. Yet asked what their plan for American is there is a profound silence.

While those who have been taught ideology vs fact based history (from the late 60s on when our country’s negatives began being emphasized and its positives ignored while our enemies received the opposite treatment) might not know the details concerning Germany in the 1930s hopefully all Americans in 2018 are smart enough to see where those who have hijacked the Democrat Party want to take us. If someone can be convicted based upon unsupported accusations (none of those against the judge were corroborated) we are all (whether left, right or center) in trouble. Innocent until proven guilty is the core tenant of our judicial system – lose it and you can read about what our future will be like in “1984” and “Fahrenheit 451.”

Chris Daly



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Chris Daly

Two final bits of information as you appear to have been taught ideological rather than factual history – Hitler and the SA were socialists. At Charlottesville the President Trump’s “good people” would have included Lincoln and Grant as they would have been appalled by the desecration of any memorial to the war dead – North or South – as they considered them all Americans – even if some were misguided. This is why there is a section and memorial for them in Arlington National Cemetery. It would be a good idea if we all took that attitude – we are American first and if either of us fail we all do.

Chris Daly

There were those, such as the Communists, who opposed the SA but they were quickly “quieted”. How many “Charlottesville’s” have there been in the last 14 months vs has many “Berkeley’s”?

Chris Daly

It hasn’t been the left having their speeches and lectures broken up, being aggressively confronted in public, driven out of theaters, restaurants and the like. It hasn’t been the left having their home addresses, emails, web sites and phone number publicized and it definitely has not been the leadership of the right egging their followers on to be even more aggressive and uncivil. The GOP went to great lengths to not tie the “ball team shooter” to being a Sanders volunteer because they understood he was disturbed. On the other hand the left constantly uses the Charlottesville to stir up the base even though he had a long history of mental illness.

Chris Daly

Charlottesville was 14+ months ago. Since then there have been the attempted killing of the GOP ball team by a Bernie Sanders volunteer and riots in Boston, Phoenix, Berkley, Portland and numerous other locals. Also the right has been seriously outnumbered in all cases. Even in Charlottesville there were at least twice as many on the left as right per the Tweets of the VA ACLU and 2 NY Times reporters. Typical was the much hyped by the media demonstration in Washington DC where less than 2 dozen right wingers showed up, waved a few signs, chanted a few slogans and were escorted out by the police for their own safety. The left then attacked the police and smashed public and private property.

Steve M

Wrong, Chris. It was the marchers in Charlottesville who were like "the brown shirts of Hitler’s SA--you know, the folks that Trump called "good people".

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