After getting to know Jon Thorp and his background with the city of Yucaipa we endorse him for Yucaipa City Council 5th District. We feel that there is a need for a fresh change in the long term leadership in the 5th District. We have been following Jon Thorp throughout his campaign and we have found him to be professional, full of integrity, energetic and he has a love for our community and it’s success that will show when he is elected as a city councilperson.

Jon has been out and about multiple times during the weeks leading up to the election, meeting people and listening to their concerns and thoughts about Yucaipa’s future. He is approachable and open minded, and appreciates everyone's ideas for Yucaipa. We have not seen any of the other candidates for the 5th District making any attempt to go canvas the area and meet with people to find out the needs and concerns of the district.

It’s easy to put up signs and send out big fancy flyers, but Jon has proven to us and others that he is willing to go out and work hard for the people of our community. Please consider a change for Yucaipa, someone that will work hard, be available, active in our community and always be there for the residents of Yucaipa.

Mark and Debbie Miller, Yucaipa


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I am voting for mr thorp although I don’t know him but anyone who answers constituents letters and is not a rubber stamp for the staff would make a better council member than mr riddell. He can have all his senior friends write glowing letters to the editor but that doesn’t improve his dismal performance on the city council. We are entitled to an actual representative, not an empty seat.

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