As always we enjoyed the annual Redlands Fourth of July Parade, but we’ve noticed how few adults and children stood when the first American flag passes by. Please note however, it is not only Redlands where this occurs, but even at such parades as Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses Parade.

We do not think it is a lack of patriotism, nor just laziness, as much as a case of being “uneducated” in proper cultural etiquette.

The parents have not been told to stand when the flag is presented, therefore they have not told their children, so now we see a whole new generation of careless disregard for the American flag.

Our military, veterans, law enforcement, and fire fighters are an exception now. but why can’t our schools include something as simple as honoring our nation’s flag and our national anthem, saying thank you as a means of showing ones appreciation, standing and shaking hands when being introduced to someone, eliminating offensive language from one’s vocabulary, etc, etc.

It has to start somewhere, so if the children are taught this in elementary school and reminded again in middle and senior high schools, they can teach their parents as well as getting America back on the course that has made our country so great over the century’s past. Not difficult to do, but very important. How about an assembly where police, fire, and military share their message and this message to student body?

Sandi and Don Ruh



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