Today, I can’t keep my opinions to myself anymore. I don’t normally engage in political rants here, but I feel extremely compelled to do so now. Read this tweet from your president. Look at it. Take it in. Do you really want to re-elect this guy? He literally sided with our enemy about our former vice president, who happens to be an American. Trump also came to Kims’ defense over another American citizen, “Otto Warmbier,” who was beaten and abused in Kim Jung Uns’ prisons. He’s now dead.

Donald Trump makes no distinction about who his enemies are, because he will even side with a murderous dictator who once said. “The United States must choose! It’s up to you whether the nation called the United States exists on this planet or not.” Yet Trump wants to be all buddy buddy with Kim, and say stuff like, “he wrote me wonderful love letters.” This guy threatened us with nuclear annihilation!

I am all in favor of peaceful negotiations with an adversary, but this is not how a president is supposed to behave. Do you really want six more years of this? Are you okay with that? Because if you are, you are allowing our country to go down a slippery slope. And let me just state, I have no ill will toward you. I understand your frustration with our political system and why you voted for Trump, but this is not a time to be angry and rash.

You need to make a better choice. I’m not saying vote Democrat. You can even vote Republican. Bill Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts is running for president, as a Republican. Vote for him. The guy has some serious credentials and he probably appeals to possible conservative sensabilities.

Lee Kaberlein



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Spoken like a true disciple of CNN... what a maroon!

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