The Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance would like to respond to the article written about the newfound Partnership between the city of Yucaipa. Though information about our upcoming Gala in partnership with the city of Yucaipa was correct, several clarifications must be made.

The article referred to the YVWA as the Yucaipa Valley Wine Association. We are the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance, a 501c(6) non-profit dedicated to building a wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley.

The article states that the partnership supports areas of Oak Glen and Yucaipa which will become part of an American Viticultural area. However, an AVA Petition for the Yucaipa Valley has already been filed, which includes Oak Glen, Yucaipa, Calimesa, as well as certain parts of county land. This partnership is to support the growth of a wine industry throughout the entire Yucaipa Valley.

The article did not disclose that there are two wineries already in the Yucaipa Valley, Suveg Cellars located on California Street in the Uptown, and Wildwood Oak, with a third bonded winery, North Cork, located on the North Bench currently undergoing the bonding process.

The letter quotes city Development Director Paul Toomey, but does not disclose the co-authors of the Yucaipa Valley AVA, Craig Suveg, Devin Cohen, and John Leuer.

The article credited the development of the Yucaipa Valley as an extension of the Wine Merchant, a retail business which is not a current or active member of the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance nor has in any way contributed to the development of the Yucaipa Valley Wine Industry.

Though the article makes vague mention of benefits to the region through Paul Toomey’s quote, it does not disclose tangible benefits of the passage of the Yucaipa Valley AVA, such as:

An anticipated jump in property value of near 16 percent as soon as the Yucaipa Valley AVA Petition is published in the Federal Register.

For every job created in the coming wine industry, one job will be created in the service industry, bringing a renewed economic infrastructure to the Yucaipa Valley.

Thanks to the Yucaipa Valley’s elevation, temperature shifts, cool nights, great drainage and slopes, the Yucaipa Valley is unique positioned to grow high quality grapes in a climate similar to Paso Robles that can draw international acclaim and tens of millions of dollars to our city over the coming decades.

We hope that you will attend our Summer Gala at the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center on July 20, where all proceeds from the event will go to support these efforts. Reserve your tickets at

Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance


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