I would like to suggest a great many of our Yucaipa residents take a refresher course on California driving laws. Oak Glen Road and Bryant Street are not freeways. They are city streets with posted speed limits.

The posted speed limit for the majority of Oak Glen road is 45. It’s not 55, 60, 65 or 70. And the colors of stop lights actually mean something. Green means go, yellow means slow down and red means stop. Yellow does NOT mean speed up so you can blow through a red light and put pedestrians and other drivers lives in danger. Red light runners are rampant in Yucaipa.

If you’re in such a hurry, get out of bed a little earlier so you won’t be late to work, rather than drive like a maniac. And to the dark grey car who pulled onto Bryant Street from Sunnyside Street, on Wednesday morning at 8:15 a.m., you passed me on the right shoulder of the road, because apparently, though I was driving at the posted speed limit, I wasn’t driving fast enough for you.

You know who you are. Bryant Street is a two lane road. It also has a posted speed limit, not to mention a couple of areas where it’s hard to see oncoming traffic due to the curves and grade of the road. My immediate startled reaction when someone is illegally passing me on the right shoulder of the road, is to turn the steering wheel to the left, which puts me into a lane of oncoming traffic. One of these days, someone is going to get killed.

Petice Huntington



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