Caught the headline story, when I surfed through the news: another one down on the dark side of town going viral again.

Now, it’s twice as gory from three separate views and one’s in HD for the whole world to see and it’s more of the same.

Just one more black man on a lengthening list?

Look what we’ve got, there’s another one shot, killed by a cop. Shot eight times in his back as he’s running away. Sure didn’t appear that a danger was near, yet the kid was unarmed.

While the dash cam kept track, cell phones filming away. There’s a camera somewhere YouTube’s waiting to air.

Again, the cops were unharmed. Just one more black man.

How many more will be missed? Another one shot … Can’t they shoot for the knees? Somewhere else not so lethal? Or even no guns, if you please?

We don’t need another sequel.

MLKing assassination 4-4-68: Have we really made progress?

Derek Chauvin verdict this week for the murder of George Floyd. and the hits just keep on coming …

Mick Terry



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