And how do we keep our balance?

That I can tell you in one word ... transition!

Transition! Transition! Transition!

Transition! Transition! Transition!

You may ask, why did this transition get started?

I'll tell you why … I don’t know. But it's a transition and because of our transitions, everyone of us knows who he or she is and what the Constitution expects him or her to do.

What do you call an act inciting treason, calling for disruption, tearing down the state?

And who flaunts the law in plotting to bring down authority of the law?

Sedition! Sedition! Sedition!

Sedition! Sedition! Sedition!

What would it be called if calling to rebel, to make some hell, to fight pell mell?

What’s a New Year’s Revolution if you don’t rebel?

No violence doesn’t sound like too much fun. Sedition!

Now, sixty lawsuits they have filed and lost them all but one.

I fear distractions, every one to hide what’s coming.

Invade the Congress count, replace with all their own.

With Proud Boys outside waiting, their orders still unknown. Sedition!

Mick Terry




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