Riley’s Farm ad was shocking

We have lived in Yucaipa for over 30 years and have enjoyed reading your publication during this time. Unfortunately, the Aug. 27 issue was not up to the standards we expect from our hometown newspaper.

On page 5 of the special supplement was a whole page ad for Riley’s Farm. I was shocked by the wording used in this ad. It has no place in my newspaper. I understand free speech, but, when it infringes on my rights not to be shocked in my community newspaper by wording that has an underlying meaning, this I find offensive.

I understand the views of the owner of Riley’s Farm are well known in this community. He is free to have his thoughts, but I do not agree with his views and do not want to read about them in the newspaper.

JoAnn Preston


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COVID-19 should not be political

I don’t normally reach out like this, but I was very disheartened to see the Riley's Farm ad in our local paper this week. The advertisement is completely inappropriate.

I’m confused on how this was approved by your organization. We love Yucaipa and the News Mirror, but I felt I needed to address this with you.

The ravages of the Covid virus that has impacted our world should not be made political, and by the News Mirror publishing this, you are indirectly endorsing and supporting this crazy irrational thinking.

Mindy Chilver Follett


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Profanity not


I’m writing not about politics but right and wrong. I have lived in Yucaipa for over 20 years, like the fact that it is a conservative city, but allowing and promoting a vendor to sell large flags that kids can clearly see with f#%%^ Biden, Jo and the Ho gotta go? C’mon the elementary school, middle school, and Christian church school are less than two blocks from that. I don’t consider that politics - it’s sending the wrong message to kids and others.

Erasmo Carrizosa


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The News Mirror received 14 emailed letters similar to the two published here. We also received several telephone calls. We sincerely regret the discomfort the words in the Riley’s Farm ad caused for many of our readers.

The ad was approved for publication by me, the owner of the newspaper for the past 23 years. That does not mean I approved of the content of the ad, but it was not illegal or libelous and was something the owner of the farm apparently wanted to say that is also the belief of some readers today. I believe in free speech with a few limitations and in both-sides journalism, even if they are at times uncomfortable.

When I approved publication of the ad, I assumed the word “commie” was a reference to the Communist China origins of the virus. I now understand that many readers saw it differently. The News Mirror has been an advocate of masking, social distancing and vaccinating since we first heard about the virus in early 2020, and we continue to believe these measures are the best paths to conquering this awful disease.

Jerry Bean

Owner and Publisher

Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror


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Thanks for publishing our ad. If the test of an ad is "will this be taped to the refrigerator?" we think it works. All true Americans hate Communism and the system that produced this virus in the first place.


Nothing wrong with the ad at all. There was nothing lewd or offensive in the ad. We are always going to have complainers no matter the subject or view. Let's not have our local media turn into a Pravda or Tass clown as our major media outlets have and filter content.

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