In response to the Letter to the Editor “Home in Fire Zone.”

We too had home insurance and they would not renew our fire insurance after 35 years of having fire insurance through them for the same reason, we were in a fire zone and in fact we were told that the whole 92399 zip code was in a fire zone.

We are about a quarter of a mile from any brush area’s and have lived at this location for over 22 years and they have had fires around us a mile or two away but CAL FIRE always controlled the fires and I don’t think there has been any homes lost anywhere close to us. We had home insurance through the same company an additional 13 years before moving to this location.

At least the agent told us he could get insurance for us through a different company at a much increased rate, but earthquake would be very hard to come by and would cost a lot. We are still looking around to find another insurance company but not having the same thing told to us about a fire zone. We feel in total agreement Sue Brashear. What’s up with home insurance companies?

Sonja and Larry Roop



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