Nancy Pelosi recently discovered “slapping someone in the face” is a bad negotiating tactic, which is why President Trump speaks nicely about Kim and other despots. But he has imposed sanction significantly harsher than those of his predecessors on Kim and anyone else who has acted against our interests. He has told those foolish enough to threaten America or Americans with harm they would be destroyed.

President Trump got Otto Warmbier and three other Americans held by Pyongyang released after the Obama Administration all but ignored their plight. Those families have very different opinions concerning these two presidents than Lee Kaberlein because they know what actually transpired rather than depending on what the likes of Jim Acosta and Rachel Maddow “report.”

Does Lee think we should go on “Obama-nating,” speaking tough - drawing “red lines” - and when they are ignored drawing new ones or continuing to ignore the international bad actors hoping they go away?

While President Trump can come across as a loud mouthed braggadocio its more act than fact as bluff and bluster are part of most negotiations. Even Acosta had to compliment him (once) for his “spot on” speech and behavior during his trip for the 75th Anniversary of D Day. (The devil must have needed a parka.)

The fourth estate - the press - should be President Trump’s allies but most are under the control of Lee Kaberlein’s “professionals” and this a large part of the reason why so many well meaning folks mistakenly oppose our president.

Concerning the 2020 election I would ask the Lee Kaberleins of America to do their own research. President Trump has used his authority not to increase his power but to roll back many of the “I have my pen and phone” Executive Orders and “guidances” issued during the Obama Administration. President Obama committed America to various international ”agreements” because he knew he couldn’t get even his fellow Democrats to support them becoming a treaty and therefore having permanence and the force of law. President Trump therefore has been able to walk away from those he disagreed with such as Iran, Paris and TPP, which even Hillary disparaged.

President Obama had his Department of Education send letters of “guidance” threatening our colleges and universities with the loss of funding if they didn’t set up “Star Chambers” for accusations of sexual assault. Those charged are not allowed legal representation or even to confront their accuser. The “trials” are run by staff untrained in the investigative processes or jurisprudence, guilt is base upon the “preponderance” of evidence (which is a lower standard than for a civil suit) and there is no appeal. While the Trump Administration has rescinded these threats many of the schools have retained these drum head courts as they tend to be as anti-Trump as much of the press.

Chris Daly



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