There are many different opinions about this so called “pandemic” and mine is not a popular one. I vehemently oppose the incarceration of our nation. Yes, I said incarceration. Since when did it become okay to lock people in their homes and put small businesses out of business? Or when did it become okay to close our churches and suspend worship and community? When did it become okay to shut down schools, sports, healthy living? It became okay under the guise of protecting people from the “deadly” Coronavirus (sarcasm intended). Why is it that during other outbreaks originating from different viral infections we did not shut down a nation? Why as a citizen BC (Before COVID-19) was I allowed to decide if I wanted to expose myself to the common flu, viral pneumonia, SARS, MERS and multiple other communicable diseases, but now I am not smart enough to make good choices through this one? Why? Because under all this there is a political agenda which will come to light, mark my words. And when it does, we will all be chagrined at just how gullible we were. The facts and the numbers of deaths don’t support the actions taken by our government. Yes, the virus is quite contagious, and yes, it is particularly rough on some who are considered high risk, but, no more than the other mentioned virus’ or infections. So why now, have you asked yourself that question?

Don’t get me wrong, loss of life, the death of a family member under any circumstance is sad but, it is part of life. We are all born to die, it’s what we do in between birth and death that makes the difference. Don’t surrender to this virus and to a government run amuck. Look at the numbers people! In this county as of May 24, 2020, there have been 4,365 confirmed COVID-19cases and 176 deaths. That’s in a county of 2.2 million people, so we have .01% of the population of this county and 4.0% of those diagnosed that have died. As more people are tested, I’m sure we will see more positive results for the antibodies and/or the virus itself.

If you are in a high-risk group (elderly, compromised immunity, underlying health conditions etc.), then absolutely quarantine yourself or use whatever precautions you feel are necessary given your situation. But shouldn’t that be your choice, not the choice of some government official who is more like a lemming than a leader?

Monique Fisher



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The choices that our leaders are having to make are incredibly difficult. No one actively wants to shut down everything. That is an incredibly drastic step. However many of the statements you have made ignore major facts.

The reason why this is being handled differently than viruses in the past is a unique combination of several factors that the virus possesses.

1. The virus has a much higher death rate than that the common flu does. Based on our current understanding, Covid-19 has a death rate of between 1 and 3 percent. Even at the lowest, this is 10x more deadly than the common flu.

2. Covid-19 is also incredibly infectious. Evidence is pointing to Covid-19 having an R0 value of more than 5. This means that everyone who gets sick will on average get more than 5 others sick. This is several times more than H1N1 (R0 value of about 1.6) or the 1918 Spanish flu (R0 value of as much as 2.8). Remember that the Spanish flu killed more than 50 million people.

3. The virus is capable of spreading asymptomatically. This means that people who appear to be healthy can be carriers and spread this virus like wildfire. This makes tracking the virus without adequate testing nearly impossible.

Additionally, there is a lot that we just simply don't know about the virus. We don't fully know how it behaves. How it affects children (there are reports of strange inflammation associated with infection in small children). How often it mutates. The last one is really important. The more the virus spreads, the more likely it is to mutate and become even more deadly. No one is saying that you aren't smart enough to make a responsible decision. The truth is that we are all too ignorant to make a well informed decision. How do we know that the virus doesn't cause some other kind of fatal complication years down the line? The truth is we don't.

The statistics that you quoted about the number of cases and death rate in this county are encouraging in some ways but are discouraging in others. If only 4% of the population has been infected it means that another 96% is still vulnerable. That means that we have hardly even begun to go through this. It also means that the measures put in place are working. According to statistics, the hospitalization rate for Covid-19 is between 10 and 20% overall. If measures were relaxed, hospitals would almost certainly be overwhelmed. In this scenario, the hospitalization rate becomes the new death rate since people cannot be seen in the hospital anymore. Even a 10% death rate in our country would result in more than 30 million deaths. That many deaths would cause much more significant economic damage than simply closing businesses for a few months.

Lastly, the idea that everything should be open and everyone can accept the risks is reckless and immoral. Think of it this way. You could potentially be spreading the virus right now. We all could be due to the asymptomatic spread. If you come in contact with someone, you could potentially cause their death. This is something that we are all aware of. Taking actions that unintentionally take the lives of others could be considered involuntary manslaughter if you want to be technical about it. Some people have no choice but to go out at certain points. Everyone needs food eventually. You can't just say "they knew the risks." and absolve yourself of any responsibility for the outcomes.

Steve M

Yesterday, an Orange County health official received a death threat because she issued guidelines about wearing masks to help slow the spread of the virus

And recently, a security guard was shot and killed for not allowing a person without a mask from entering his store.

Finally, I saw a Facebook post this week comparing the people who are trying to SAVE LIVES during this pandemic to Adolph Hitler and the temporary life-saving public health guidelines to the Holocaust!

Have we really sunk this low? God help us.

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