I have a handicap license plate on both vehicles. I do most of the family business in Yucaipa. For several years I have encountered people’s vehicles parked in the handy cap parking spaces without a license plate or placard indicating that the person(s) is handy capped.

Driving on Yucaipa Boulevard, I often observe people that have driven straight into the diagonal parking spaces rather than back in as required.

I have made suggestions to the city council regarding the handy cap and diagonal parking and a possible way to enforce the parking laws, with a very low cost to the city.

Nothing has changed. It appears that the city has no intention of enforcing the parking laws. I get angry when trying to park close to a business and find a non-handi-cap vehicle occupying the space. I am sure that there are others in Yucaipa with similar points of view.

One way to correct this and other complaints is at the ballot box. The ballot box does not listen to anyone either, just takes your selection of a candidate to fill or replace the one that is in office.

Brad Hamil



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The Yucaipa sheriffs Dept does not have a traffic enforcement unit so the patrol deputies have better things to do than enforce traffic laws. As a result the city is left defenseless against traffic violations. You can thank the worthless city council for not doing their jobs. Every single council member should be voted out of office.

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