Recently the Governor of the state of New York signed into law, a bill that makes killing a newborn child legal; and the legislators cheered. In the Bible in Proverbs, chapter six, we read that six things God hates and seven are an abomination to Him; the first three cover “haughty eyes,” a “lying tongue,” and “hands that shed innocent blood.”

In the United States, we have aborted 60,000,000 pregnancies since Roe v. Wade. I think most were not done to protect the life of the mother; but instead, it was a matter of convenience. God is merciful and will forgive, if we repent.

Planned Parenthood has been giving bad information and bad advice to women for years. There are families who would love to raise those children. That governor and Planned Parenthood will have a lot to answer for, to God. He is a holy and just God.

But, if it is OK to kill a newborn, then I offer a “Modest Proposal.” Why not allow the killing of children up to the age of two years? What difference is there between them? Infanticide is infanticide, regardless the age. It grieves me that we have become so callous. In a country that was founded by Christians, we think we can thumb our noses at God, and get away with it. The signs tell us that God is already judging our nation. Unless we repent, we will be destroyed.

Ken Reed



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Steve M

In Alabama, you can refuse to deliver a cake for a same-sex wedding. But you cannot refuse to deliver a baby conceived by a rapist.

Also, how many so-called Christians say "thou shall not kill" the unborn but have no problem with capital punishment?

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