How did we get here? In 2018, when the Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved this 1.8 million square feet of warehouse space, what did they think would happen? Did these self serving and ignorant Riverside County Supervisors think the permanent destruction of the community of Cherry Valley at the entrance of the San Gorgonio foothills was a grand idea?

I think we can all agree, these Riverside County Supervisors were either clueless or they really don't care what you think. At this point, the gateway to this beautiful area is now permanently destroyed. This is forever stuff folks. In absolute defiance to the will of the people, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved this massive project in 2018. Now it is imperative that the community demands that legislation is enacted to ensure no more warehouse projects are approved in the Cherry Valley foothills.

The community will never forget the irreversible destruction to this environmentally sensitive area caused by Supervisors Chuck Washing-ton, Manual Perez, Marion Ashley and John Tavaglione. Look at the massive warehouse in the pristine rolling hills to see that their legacy is one of shame and dishonor to their community. In today’s world, the best we can do is use the ballot box to ensure future Riverside County Supervisors represent and respect the will of the people. History must reward Supervisors like Kevin Jeffries who is the only member of the board who opposed this massive warehouse project. We need to reward and elect more heroes like Kevin Jeffries. Now is not the time for retreat. We must engage.

Bill Thomas



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No traffic mitigation, the routes cited as access for the truck traffic are single lane, residential, and simply don't 'flow'. The 'study' stated that Brookside Ave , among others, would be used by the truck traffic. We won't be able to get to the freeway to go out, our return home will be a nightmare. I discussed this with a Riv. County Transportation Supervisor, we both agreed someone down in Riverside 'got a paper sack full of cash' . He retired, sold out, and left the area. The rest of us will be stuck with it.


Absolutely correct. Warehouses bring nothing to the comm7nity except big rig trucks barreling down local streets, potholed torn up streets, excessive traffic, more freeway traffic, more truck accidents. Anyone who voted for warehouses should be recalled and defeated.

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