The entire city council as it stands are big spenders contrary to what their campaign literature says. They voted 5-0 to build the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center in the confines of an Uptown residential area. They voted 5-0 for the original construction budget of 10.7 million and they voted 5-0 for the additional expenditures that drove the cost to 18 million dollars. The council spent the city’s reserves to build YPAC and that is why the council voted 5-0 to create ballot Measure E that they knowingly attempted to sell as bolstering EMT services when in reality the measure was a way to raise money for the general fund they had spent. There is not a fiscal conservative among them.

As to Mr. Riddel, at the meeting during which the council approved 5-0 the most recent increase in trash fees, he said that Burretec was the city's friend and did so much that they didn't have to do. Wouldn’t you be the city’s friend if the council voted 5-0 to make your private company a city utility, alleviating them of the chore of collecting fees? Did you see their fee on your recent real estate tax bill? I believe that Mr. Riddel has served the city well for many years but the time has come for new ideas and new thinking about how to make a better Yucaipa. I wish him well.

Mr. Duncan is not qualified to be a councilman because he took a loaded weapon into the streets of our city to “defend” Uptown Yucaipa from the wildly and falsely rumored carloads of Antifa that were coming to burn and loot the city. As to Bogh and Avila, they should resign on general principal as they are part and parcel of the spendthrift 5-0 city council. Diane Smith made the correct decision not to run again.

The council is neither Republican or Democrat. It is a group of men and women elected to look out for the city and its citizens. They’re supposed to be the city’s watchdogs, ever vigilant for ways to make the city better and to do it in a fiscally prudent manner.

David Duron



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I agree that the Council are spendthrifts and hve no business being re-elected.

They spend $750,000 every six months on the Performing Arts Center yet they can’t balance the budget so they hve to try to raise taxes while paying obscene salaries, benefits and pensions to city executives. As for mr ridell, I want a representative that answers letters from his constituents and doesn’t act like a rubber stamp for the city staff. The tIme has long passed when he should be replaced. Having him as my representative is like having no representative at all.

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