Why did Pelosi surround the Capital with barbed wire? They advised her to increase security around the Capital on Jan. 6, but she refused. She wanted to make it easy for the crowd to break into the capital. It worked perfectly. Now she could blame Trump and impeach him a second time.

She has tried to make it look like it was WWIII. But the only person killed was an innocent young woman with no weapon. She was murdered by a capital policeman, whose name has not been released. He should be in jail.

Pelosi is a vile, nasty, horrible vindictive person who has been trying to vilify Trump for over four years.

Because the three people Trump put in the Supreme Court, turned their back on him and refused to look at the mountain of evidence to show the election was rigged. They failed Trump and 75 million Americans. Now we are stuck with Joe Biden.

Ron Rush



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