Warning to anyone who purchases items advertised on Facebook. I have just had a hard lesson of life purchasing an $80 so-called “Mickey Mouse” rug from a site on Facebook. Paid with my PayPal account.

The glorified blanket called a rug, was not what was advertised, and it came damaged beyond repair. I contacted the company by email (first red flag) as there was no phone number or address found as I searched the Internet for them. They emailed me back saying I received what I purchased, end of story on their part.

Many correspondences back and forth, with pictures of the damaged items, fell on deaf ears. Found out later, the company straight out of China is preying on American consumers. They also go by many other names on Facebook, so they cannot be found.

I even sent my complaint to our California Department of Consumer Justice in Sacramento; showing all my proof with pictures, laid out in an easy to read binder. I received a letter stating that yes, I have a valid complaint, but no, they do not help individual complaints, it has to be a group action – are you kidding me? Even our own government will not help – why are they being paid by my tax dollars?

I just hope this warning will help others not get ripped off as others and I have by purchasing items from a Facebook advertisement – they are too good to be true and you are in danger of wasting your money.

Yvonne J. Butner



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