What will happen if Proposition 13 is passed on March 3. Don’t be deceived by this cleverly numbered proposition, It is designed to fool you. This proposition 13 will INCREASE your property taxes.

Then in November, an initiative called the “Split Roll Tax” will be on the ballot.

If passed, It will re-assess and tax all commercial, (except agriculture) and industrial properties at their current value rather than the value at the time of purchase. It is called the Split Roll Tax because it splits these properties out from under the protections of Proposition 13. Companies don’t pay taxes. Taxes are one of the expenses of doing business. Therefore, these taxes will be passed onto you, the consumer. It will also result in many businesses leaving California. This is the first step in the total repeal of Proposition 13 that was passed in 1978. Prior to that date, people, mainly seniors, were being taxed out of their homes. In many cases, taxes were tripled. Proposition 13 solved that problem by severely limiting the amount that your taxes can be raised annually on your home. In addition, it based your property tax on the original purchase price of your home.

If one or both propositions are approved, we will suffer under the same tax burdens experienced by people prior to the vote for Proposition 13 of 1978.

As a supporter of Jay Olbernolte for Congress, I recommend a NO vote on this, Proposition 13.

Russell Roof



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