Measure E is all anyone in Yucaipa is talking about. Social media, letters to the editor and sidewalk conversations all have Yucaipians choosing one side or the other. First of all I get it. I get that our community is growing and our EMS needs more support. As a parent of a child who has taken an ambulance ride I am extremely thankful for their hard work. However the problem is in how it is written. The measure clearly states “... this new revenue would be used for existing paramedic purposes, police and fire protection, youth and senior services, streets, parks, and other general purposes.”

So basically for anything that the city needs. This seems like a veiled attempt to get more of our hard earned money while presenting it in a sentimental package we can all get behind. My suggestion is that the city go back to the drawing board and create a measure that would truly be about emergency services. However, my feeling is that the city isn’t interested in creating more money for fire and police but instead looking forward to enlarging the size of their coffers.

Kristal Shoffeitt



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