As a proud citizen of Yucaipa for almost 20 years, I am upset when I read in the Jan. 24, edition of the mayors column in the News Mirror, our city mayor is advocating a yes vote on Measure E, which he stated, “A modest half-percent increase in the sales tax.” That is not a modest increase in an already high enough sales tax; add it up for yourselves.

Also, in the same dated News Mirror, there was the increase chart to our water bill; another slap in our faces. We are being nickel and dimed to death already, and now we are asked to increase sales tax a half-percent!

I am retired living on a fixed financial budget that is not increasing to accommodate all these increases.

As I read the article, I especially was upset as he was trying to pull on our heart strings (which is a political ploy to get what they want), I was waiting for Tiny Tim to be mentioned.

Right now families and seniors have to tighten their belts and don’t go spending unnecessary money to be able to continue affording our individual California Dream.

I use to be able to eat out more, but with all the higher gas taxes, higher auto registration fees, my property taxes are through the roof, trash pickup rates went up last year and should be hitting us again soon, and now the water rate increase, then top it off with Measure E; enough is enough – NO! I am not a bank and do not have disposable money.

However you vote, please do your homework as to what a modest half-percent will do to your hard earned money; what are you going to have to cut out of your budget?

Yvonne J. Butner



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