You actually believe the sales tax increase for the city is needed for the paramedics? And that it will only raise $2 million? This is nothing more than traditional political cant used to take your vote, (it is apparently working) it has nothing to do with where the income from the tax will be applied.

When the state advertised their need to raise our gas tax to improve the roads, taxpayers accepted the increase because our roads are worn out. However most of the new proceeds were applied to the rapid train to nowhere, and not the roads. And later, when the repeal attempt failed, it was because, once again people uncritically accepted the states commercials declaiming the necessity for the tax. We are now heavily taxed, but our roads see no improvement, as you mentioned in your letter. So how much of the gas tax is actually being applied to the roads? Most is still going to the train. Do you believe that our city’s politicians and bureaucrats are any different than the states?

And let us not forget the cold shoulder the city council recently gave its citizens when they decided homeowners did not need to regulate their budget from month to month as much as Burrtec needed the convenience of collecting its charges through the county tax collector. And you still think the council is telling you the truth? By the way, what happened to the city that was so proud of its large cash reserve?

The city wants more of the sale tax than it is already receiving. It wants the onerous on the citizens to vote it in place; how does a political entity get its citizens to do that? It uses the tried and true, but somewhat disingenuous method of creating a minor panic by asserting that the money will be used for a service everyone respects and wants, usually having to do with fire, paramedics, schools and children. But as it turns out the money is never used for the stated purpose – just like the gas tax, the money will not be used to support paramedics, but will be applied to projects important to the politician – which is not the same as the city and its populace.

I hope you will require more from your city council to prove the money is needed and will be used for emergency services, I frankly doubt they will be able to do so. But keep in mind, although .50% does not seem like much, add it to the 7.75% we already pay. That comes out to 8.25%. Place that with all the taxes and their high rates that we pay in this state, and perhaps you might rethink your giddy stance on a local tax increase.

By the way, since you have such fond memories of the professional paramedics that took you to the hospital, do you also have fond memories of the bill you received for that ride?

Frankly, if it passes, I will be doing my shopping in Redlands.

Dennis Schertell


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