As a new-comer of one year to Yucaipa I absolutely agree with David Duran’s letter in the May 31 edition. I’ve spent many of my 74 years in Midwestern small-town America.

I’ve seen first-hand what Mr. Duran described as “a disturbing relic of failed dreams.” It is vitally important for a city council and the other powers that be to realize Uptown has potential that is being ignored as the “new” Yucaipa continues to develop.

The new YPAC should provide the impetus for totally revitalizing Uptown thus attracting both locals and visitors. One prime example to ease the incredible lack of parking: the vandalized eye-sore laundromat just west of the YPAC on Yucaipa Boulevard could be purchased, razed and replaced with a parking structure that would be ideal for YPAC events.

There are other lots and even abandoned structures along Yucaipa Boulevard that could be replaced with parking lots or structures or with large scale seating restaurants. Perhaps a chain live Olive Garden or Red Lobster or Marie Calendar could be lured but a committed local would certainly be better.

Another important point to address: motel rooms. What Yucaipa now offers is pitiful. There are vast expanses of land along Bryant Street that should be offered incentively to a Best Western or equivalent. By all means use YPAC events (and their need for housing performers) and Yucaipa’s Festivals as drawing cards.

In closing, I restate that Mr. Duran has set forth so many positive points to be addressed with which I fully agree. Neither of us is suggesting that Yucaipa “tear down” and start from scratch.

There are some wonderful charming aspects of Uptown upon which to build in order to pull together and create a totally charming and inviting small-town visitor-attracting atmosphere. This would take vision, teamwork, co-operation and hard work. It is possible. Thank you.

R. Brian Falkner



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