I’m for marijuana sales in Yucaipa. It’s called Mary Jane, weed, pot, grass and a host of unprintable names all of which produce the same effect. I believe it was Shakespeare who said, “Marijuana by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Let’s get to the facts. Marijuana is a drug. It changes your mood. Alcohol is a drug. It also changes your mood. However, in my opinion, weed is a lot of Cheech and Chong: you are likely to get mellow and you may want to purr like a cat. On the other hand, drinking alcohol may lead to drunk driving, loud arguments with your stupid uncle, and attempts to steal beer from the AM-PM because in your drunken state you’re sure no one can see you. Stabbings and shootings are known to occur as well as one heck of a remorseful headache the next morning.

I’m sure members of the city council serve alcoholic beverages during their fundraisers as guests expect alcohol. Politicians know that not only does alcohol loosen tongues but it has the effect of loosening wallets, thereby swelling the political war chest. This fact leads me to believe that alcohol is served at these events because it has become customary, while marijuana has quite a way to go before it becomes mainstream and you get your choice of drinking or smoking before you turn over your checkbook.

On the plus side for alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities alcohol has the effect of making you look better. Men get taller and handsomer and women get slimmer and prettier. It certainly makes you more attractive to the opposite sex in the room. On the dance floor, as you flop around, you know that the stares really are admiration for your Fred Astaire-like moves.

Alcohol powers quarter-mile dragsters. If marijuana powered dragsters most likely they’d get the green light and mosey on down the track and not even bother to cross the finish line. Further, alcohol is an antiseptic. It kills things inside and outside of your body.

Marijuana is no more a moral issue than is alcohol. Just because alcohol is available at Stater’s and Vons does not mean it clears the supposed moral hurdle cleaner than marijuana. Think about this combination that may have moral implications: You can buy alcohol while you’re getting gasoline at the AM-PM.

Marijuana is legal in California, subject to local jurisdiction. We have the opportunity to change our attitude and rules and regulations toward the sale of marijuana and get the benefits that come from local sales to adults who must be 21 and older. One of the best arguments for the legal sale of the stuff is that only buyers support the taxation. And, people who want to use marijuana can buy it in Yucaipa instead of having to travel outside of the city. Tax dollars stay here and they can be applied to specific areas such as for our much needed and appreciated EMTs.

Let’s all give a green thumbs up for marijuana sales in Yucaipa.

David Duron



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Tom Cowan

I think you made a strong case for stricter laws against the use and abuse of alcohol. I think the use and abuse of other drugs should not be legal. We have too many "mellow" people who do not act as responsible citizens when involved in life in general.

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