After being quarantined at home since March 13 when I was told to stay home from my job, I have been trying to get outside in nature every few days to support my mental health. Today I tried to go hiking at El Dorado Park - closed. The trails near the soccer complex had cones in front of the driveway but several cars parked there. The pathways on Bryant around the wash basins- closed.

How in the world can the virus be spread when we are out in nature? I’m not touching anything. I am not near anyone. I just want to be outside in the sunshine enjoying the signs of spring.

Shame on the city of Yucaipa for closing nature that could help people during this stressful time to relax and take our minds off the chaos. I think the benefits far out weigh the risks.

Valarie Applegate


Editors note: 

As of April 8, all trails in the city of Yucaipa have been reopened. As Yucaipa Mayor David Avila stated in the above letter, parks are open for walking for jogging only.

Playground and all facilities will remain closed.


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