(Ahmaud Arbery killed while jogging in Georgia)

What was I thinking? Just a black man on a jog through a bunch of nice homes.’ What was I drinking? Only my water.

What was I expecting? Nothing too much: just a nice run, then a shower when home. Never crossed my mind I might lose my life, be slaughtered.

What were they thinking? ‘There’s a black man on the run from having robbed from our homes.’

What were they drinking? Probably plenty. What were they expecting? Yeah, there might be an accomplice, but for now he’s alone.

Better slow him down ‘til the cops are found, if any. I confess: I was guilty of jogging while black

My mistake. I should never have run there. I’m a mess: I’ve been wasted for jogging while black. They had every right to defend their life, use their guns there.

What was I thinking? ‘Uh-oh. Oh, no. This is trouble. I’m a dead man for sure.’ What was I fearing? (People) with shotguns. What was I hearing? Barking orders to some black man. Did they just call me ‘boy’?

If I run, I’m dead. If I stop, I’m dead. That’s not fun. I confess: I was guilty of jogging while black …

Now, I think I’ve learned that lesson for this life. Hope I don’t have to repeat it in the next.

If I do come back again, hope by then, such a common end we would not expect. I confess: I was guilty of jogging while black … Now, wait a minute here.

What’s with all this heavenly platitude and beatitude horse hockey? Forget that nonsense. I’m dead.

They’ve been doing this for way too long. Why not string them up?

Mick Terry



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