Ever since the infamous video of Rodney King resisting arrest in 1991, we have had an increasing number of short, viral videos depicting criminals, thugs, and assorted low-life bad actors resisting arrest by the police. This situation has been made much worse because of the plethora of smart phones now in he hands of almost every person.

As a result of the rapid changes any bystander with a camera can record and post a short, and usually inflammatory, video clip which only shows part of the incident. The untrustworthy media will then run with it and develop a story line that fits their business model. As a result, many people will draw conclusions about the incident before they hear the whole story.

This is an intolerable situation. The media and every person need to wait until the justice system can process the incident. Jumping to conclusions immediately is not justice and serves nobody well.

In almost every (in)famous situation since Rodney King it turns out that the suspect stopped by the police had a criminal background and resisted arrest. The police have a difficult and dangerous job and are taking an unfair beating again in the media.

The police need to get out to the public faster with their side of the story, but in Democrat run cities they are often prevented from doing that by the Democrat mayor. No such problems exist in Republican run cities.

Remember, if you are stopped by the police, obey the law and do not resist or flee! Comply! If you have nothing to hide you have no reason to resist arrest.

Bernard Valek



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