A Letter to the Editor last week concerned some issues brought up by me at the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce Installation.

First of all, it is my fault if I did not clearly elaborate my stance on AB5 at the chamber event. I believe it is one of the most destructive pieces of legislation to come out of Sacramento in decades. Not only does it punish and drive out ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, but it also strips creative individuals from participating in our economy thru the “gig” economy. Independent truckers were also told to get in line and give up their livelihood as an independent contractor or face banishment from the state.

The federal government thankfully stepped in and saved the truckers for now. My comment concerning newspaper deliverers having one more year was meant to emphasize my frustration with newspapers in general losing subscribers over the last decade.

You see, I look forward to my morning paper delivered early before I get up and enjoy my coffee. I don’t know if I’m more addicted to the caffeine or the newsprint. In addition to having the county newspaper delivered every morning, I also look forward every Friday morning to picking up my weekly edition of the News Mirror. In it I find an entire week of local news that would be missed by the larger paper and keeps me abreast of what is happening at council meetings, etc. Local youth sports and high school sports feature our kids and grandkids in positive roles that help them mature into responsible citizens.

The Faith community is well represented and service clubs and others are highlighted in the community calendar. The News Mirror has supported both the Calimesa and Yucaipa chambers since I can remember and their emphasis on small local business helps maintain their health and competitiveness in a state that sometimes seems intent on eliminating them. With online news and the cost of printing going up, I hope we can keep the valuable community resource of local papers healthy and available in print far into the future.

Jeff Hewitt, Riverside County Supervisor


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Good rebuttal explanation, Jeff.

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